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3 Simple Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

No matter how well you care for your vehicle, it’ll eventually need repairs. To help protect your wallet, here are 3 simple ways to save with a few clever tips. There’s no getting around it. Spending money on car repairs is a downer. It’s often expensive, never convenient, and your car will always break down the minute you […]

How To Economically Fix A Dent On Your Car

Economical body work, fixing a dent yourself. Be sure you buy the right supplies for the job of body repair. Photo Credit: Photo by Adam Wright 2010 In these tough economic times fixing a costly dent on your car may not be in the budget. To challenge the high cost of body repair, we challenged […]

Why You Should Hand Wash Your Car Rather Than Using Automatic Car Wash

wning a vehicle is, without a doubt, convenient. However, cars are more than just a way for people to get from point A to point B. They are an essential part of everyday life and even reflect your personality and interests. People buy sunshades to protect their vehicle’s dashboard, seats covers to protect the upholstery, […]

4 Steps To Spotting And Repairing An Auto Radiator Leak

Without a working radiator your car is as good as toast. If you suspect a leak in your car’s rad, here are four steps to spotting and repairing it before the engine overheats. How does a radiator work? Constructed with slim, hollow channels, the radiator sits at the front of your engine. Liquid coolant is pumped from the […]

Repairing A Chipped Windscreen

Toughened windscreens were common in the 1950s and this type of glass is still used for side and rear windows on most models. ‘Laminated’ windscreens became widespread by the mid-1970s and so modern windscreens consist of a plastic sheet, sandwiched between two glass panes. Although a broken windscreen will no longer shower the interior with […]

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt replacement tends to be an expensive exercise that appears to make little difference to how a car runs, although failure and trying to live without it might prove impossible. Therefore, Rob Marshall advises that the outlay is both worthwhile and essential. WHAT IS A TIMING BELT? As comedians tell us, timing is everything […]

5 Car Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore

Ignoring signs of trouble in your car’s transmission can lead to expensive, long-term damage or leave you stranded with a stalled car. Here’s what to watch for. 1. Lack of gear response While you’re driving, does your car hesitate to change gears, or even refuse to do so? This is a serious sign of trouble […]

How Protecting Your Car’s Exhaust System Keeps You Safe

Is there foul-smelling smoke belching from your tailpipe? Is the exhaust rumbling, grumbling and making loud noises? If the answer is “yes”, your car’s exhaust system may need some attention. Here’s what to do. Troubleshooting your car exhaust There’s an easy way to spot trouble with your car’s exhaust system before it catches up with you. How? Your car’s “check engine” […]

Don’t Neglect Your Windscreen Wipers … Or Else!

Windscreen wipers are one of the most neglected items on our vehicles, here’s how to check and replace windscreen wiper blades. OFTEN WE ONLY give a thought to our windscreen wipers when it is raining. However, our windscreen wipers are regularly used to clean other items from our windscreen, including insects, bugs, dust and road grime. Cleaning […]

Oil Specifications Explained – What Does 10w40 Mean?

What’s written on your oil bottle, and what does it mean? This post may seem like going back to basics but I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who do not know, or understand, what is written on a bottle of oil, and therefore have no idea what they are buying/using. To be blunt […]

Symptoms Of A Worn Wheel Hub Bearing

Signs of a worn wheel hub bearing vary in severity. Some may be difficult to detect, leading to damage before corrective action can be taken. The time frame in which damage occurs is linked to driving conditions and/or the mechanical practices that were followed at installation. Noise is a classic sign of a bad wheel […]

Timing Belt Replacement: 8 Signs It’s Time

Because of the costly nature of timing belt replacement many car owners can be reluctant to get it replaced at the appropriate time. Unfortunately this neglect could bring on more costly damages to your engine and components, and when the timing belt does fail you’ll be left stranded as your vehicle cannot operate without it. […]

Knowing When To Entrust Your Car Repair Jobs To An Expert

s your car making a funny noise? Don’t worry; you can entrust all your car repair jobs to one of the experts. Having a vehicle in good working order is extremely important for the safety of the driver, the passengers, and other road users. That’s why it is essential to have your car checked on […]

Auto News Eco-car Production Likely To ev up

Excise tax reduction to spur output With promising prospects in the pipeline next year, many eco-car makers are expected to start second-phase production in 2017. Nissan Motor (Thailand), in particular, made a clear statement it plans to launch new eco-car models such as the Note next year, which falls under the second phase. Sureethip La-Ongthong […]

Car Maintenance Tools You Can’t Work Without

It should come as no surprise that working on cars for fun places special demands on tools. Or at least, on the type of tools you need. You see, many automotive tools simply aren’t found at the local hardware or home improvement store. As enthusiasts, we’re dealing with things that many of those shops know, […]

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