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2017 Toyota Corolla Review

If you’re looking for a small sedan that covers the basics well, the 2017 Toyota Corolla is a smart choice. Several competitors deliver more thrills from the driver seat, but a sensible blend of space, fuel economy and value give the Corolla broad appeal. Pros Backseat is roomy enough for adults The LE Eco’s high […]

2017 Honda CR-V Review

The completely redesigned 2017 Honda CR-V could easily have been a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” After all, the outgoing CR-V was still selling at a class-leading clip, so there was no pressing reason to change course. We would have understood if Honda made some superficial design tweaks and called it […]

2017 Toyota Rav 4 Review

The RAV4 was modestly refreshed in 2016 with updated exterior styling and redesigned cabin, but it hasn’t been fundamentally changed under the skin since it was introduced in 2013. The segment has heated up in recent years, though, and the RAV4’s well-rounded middle-of-the-road-ness has left an opening for the competition. There are sportier or equally […]

2017 Nissan Altima Review

The 2017 Nissan Altima has powerful engines, great fuel economy and distinctive styling, but it’s still a step behind the top sedans in the class. Pros Engines and transmissions deliver strong acceleration and quick responses Excellent fuel economy for a sedan of its size Front seats are some of the most comfortable in the class. […]

2017 Toyota Highlander Review

  The well-rounded 2017 Toyota Highlander does just about everything you’re probably looking for in a three-row family SUV. It’s one of our top choices in a tough segment devoid of stinkers and should definitely be on your must-drive list. The Highlander has a just-right size for many families. It’s not too cumbersome to maneuver, […]

5 Reasons Why Toyota Needs To Make A TRD Corolla

While sedan sales aren’t what they once were, the four-door automobile will never disappear, as Chevrolet turns the Malibu into a sleek turbo cruiser, and Jaguar releases its supercharged XE to do battle with German automakers. So as millennials and Generation Z buyers opt for their own take on the stagnant segment, automakers realign their objectives to better target […]

8 Cars We Were Promised But Never Got

In the auto industry, nothing is certain about a car until it begins rolling off the assembly line. Take Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 for example: Company founder Elon Musk said late last year that we wouldn’t see the full car at its unveiling in March. Then, company reps told the assembled press that the cars on […]

The 15 Most Important Automotive Tech Milestones of the Last 25 Years

Cars have come a long way in the last quarter-century. A look at the cars of 1991 is all you need to realize how much technology has changed the auto industry in a quarter-century. Here are 15 of the most important automotive advancements and milestones of the last 25 years. 15: Electronically Controlled Torque Vectoring […]

12 Propulsion Technologies That Will Increase Future Cars’ Efficiency

We’re about to see more changes in the coming decades since the transition from the horse to the automobile. 01 of 12 1. 48-Volt Electrical Systems: Electric Accessory Drives The practical realities of global manufacturing and refueling infrastructure investment mean that the internal-combustion engine (ICE) will probably be the dominant powerplant for several more decades. […]

The Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck Is Here — And It’s Called The X-Class

  Mercedes-Benz On Tuesday, Mercedes-Benz gave the public a first look at the company’s upcoming pickup truck in the form of the new X-Class Concept. According to Mercedes-Benz, the new X-Class will be the world’s first true “premium” pickup truck. Introduced in a ceremony in Stockholm, the new X-Class marks Mercedes’ official entry into what […]

2016 Honda Civic Review

  What’s New for 2016 The 2016 Honda Civic is fully redesigned. For now, only the sedan and the mainstream trim levels are available. The coupe and a new four-door hatchback body style will arrive later in the model year, as will the high-performance Si and new Civic Type R. The Civic Hybrid and Natural […]

2016 Toyota Corolla Review

What’s New for 2016 Largely unchanged, the 2016 Toyota Corolla gets updated Entune audio systems and an S Special Edition variant with a number of minor cosmetic upgrades. Introduction The Toyota Corolla gets little respect from most car reviewers. It’s a soulless appliance, they’ll tell you; where’s the excitement and flair? But the Corolla is […]

2016 Honda Pilot Review

What’s New for 2016 The Pilot is completely redesigned for the 2016 model year. Introduction Big and blocky on the outside but underneath just a roomy, family-friendly crossover, the previous-generation Honda Pilot perhaps tried a little too hard to look

2016 Nissan Pathfinder Review

  What’s New for 2016 The Nissan Pathfinder sees few changes for 2016. A Cold package (heated front seats and a heated steering wheel) is now available on the SV trim, while the SL trim gets the heated steering wheel as standard. The Almond interior trim comes with contrasting black and beige materials. Introduction The […]

2016 Land Rover LR4 Review

  What’s New for 2016 The 2016 Land Rover LR4 gets minor paint and interior color changes and a new home screen for the infotainment system. Introduction Authenticity is sought out these days, and few luxury SUVs are more authentic than the Land Rover LR4.

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