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Why a Car Battery runs down

  A car battery can run down for any of several reasons: You accidentally left the lights on or some other accessory that pulls power from the battery even when the ignition key is off. The battery is not being recharged while the vehicle is being driven (you have a charging problem) There is a […]

How a Tiptronic Gear Transmission Works

A Tiptronic transmission is an automatic transmission that can be controlled like a manual transmission. In a standard automatic transmission, a computer selects

How An Engine Cooling System Works

  A water-cooled engine block and cylinder head have interconnected coolant channels running through them. At the top of the cylinder head all the channels converge to

Warning Signs On your Dashboard

OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT The oil pressure warning light comes on if your engine has lost oil pressure or oil pressure is too low for safe engine operation. You should pull over to the side of the road, shut the engine off and

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