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4 Tips To Save For A Car

Are you planning on buying a new car this year 2017, here are 4 tips to get you that car you desire 1. Set a budget Your budget will ultimately decide what kind of car you buy. Set a realistic budget to narrow your search. Find a car that meets your needs that also fits within […]

How To Protect Your Car’s Timing Belt Against Damage

A timing belt is like your engine’s conductor, keeping the various parts running in proper time. Taking care of it can help you save on car repairs down the road. Your engine needs its timing belt When it comes to auto maintenance and repair, don’t forget to check the timing belt. Why? The belt’s name […]

Meet The World’s Fastest Electric Car

NextEV’s 1360 horsepower NIO EP9 electric supercar went around the Nürburgring in 7 minutes and 5 seconds, beating the former EV record by a whopping 17 seconds. Are you ready for a huge number rollercoaster? Because having as many horses as a Koenigsegg One:1 paired with instant torque delivery is only the beginning of the […]

10 Bad Habits That Damage Your Car

These little mistakes we do every day are slowing killing our cars. Buying a car is a big investment, and for most of us, a car is something we want keep running as long as possible. But sometimes our own bad habits are a car’s worst enemy. Which ones are you guilty of? Ignoring the […]

How To Open A Stuck Car Hood

A stuck car hood is a definite nuisance to deal with. When the hood sticks, the owner is not able to check the oil or add windshield washer fluid, let alone diagnose a larger engine problem. Most people do not realize their car hood is stuck until they attempt to open it. They only find […]

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Find out all you need to know about washing your car, including frequency and best practices. Whether you drive a vintage sports car, a brand new minivan, or a mid-period sedan imported from the former Soviet Republic, you want your ride to look sweet. But are you inadvertently dulling its shine by over-washing or using […]

German Car Brands Names – List And Logos Of German Cars

A little German cars history German car companies have a history of manufacturing high class vehicles where performance is more important than appearance. Following the “function over form” principle, German car brands focus on functionality and quality. These valuable qualities make Germany the leader of auto production in Europe, and place it among the top 5 countries in the whole […]

Which Cars Last The Longest?

Today, American drivers are holding on to their rolling investments more and more. Compared to 10 years ago, the average length of ownership for a vehicle – new and used – has increased by approximately 50 months to 11.5 years. Keeping any vehicle for an extended period of time relies on three factors: routine maintenance, […]

10 Fastest Pickup Trucks To Grace The World’s Roads

While truck lovers are typically known for craving power, it’s usually for hauling heavy payloads, not hauling on the dragstrip. But every now and then, engineers at some of the world’s biggest automakers get lucky and slip an insanely fast pickup past the corporate lawyers and bean counters out onto the streets. Descended from the […]

Common Car Warning Lights Explained

All cars have dashboard warning lights, but do you know what those lights are trying to tell you? We explain them here. MODERN CARS are filled to bursting with technology. There are sensors to monitor engine temperature, brakes, airbags, oil, batteries and more. And while there are a series of common symbols, which we’ve explained […]

5 Car Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore

Ignoring signs of trouble in your car’s transmission can lead to expensive, long-term damage or leave you stranded with a stalled car. Here’s what to watch for. 1. Lack of gear response While you’re driving, does your car hesitate to change gears, or even refuse to do so? This is a serious sign of trouble […]

How Protecting Your Car’s Exhaust System Keeps You Safe

Is there foul-smelling smoke belching from your tailpipe? Is the exhaust rumbling, grumbling and making loud noises? If the answer is “yes”, your car’s exhaust system may need some attention. Here’s what to do. Troubleshooting your car exhaust There’s an easy way to spot trouble with your car’s exhaust system before it catches up with you. How? Your car’s “check engine” […]

Don’t Neglect Your Windscreen Wipers … Or Else!

Windscreen wipers are one of the most neglected items on our vehicles, here’s how to check and replace windscreen wiper blades. OFTEN WE ONLY give a thought to our windscreen wipers when it is raining. However, our windscreen wipers are regularly used to clean other items from our windscreen, including insects, bugs, dust and road grime. Cleaning […]

Oil Specifications Explained – What Does 10w40 Mean?

What’s written on your oil bottle, and what does it mean? This post may seem like going back to basics but I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who do not know, or understand, what is written on a bottle of oil, and therefore have no idea what they are buying/using. To be blunt […]

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