Mitsubishi  Motors President Tetsuro Aikawa will step down from his post June 24, reports Automotive News.

Aikawa is leaving after less than two years on the job. Also resigning is Ryugo Nakao, executive vice president in charge of quality and product strategy.

Mitsubishi released a brief statement on its global news website today. “MMC [Mitsubishi Motors Corporation] has caused tremendous trouble and concern to our customers and all of our stakeholders,” the statement said, referencing Mitsubishi’s recent fuel economy scandal “Considering this, Mr. Aikawa and Mr. Nakao decided today that they will resign.” Mitsubishi said it will announce replacements for the two executives at an upcoming board of directors’ meeting.

Meanwhile, CEO Osamu Masuko has vowed to stay on until Mitsubishi finalizes its transfer 34 percent stake to Nissan The deal is subject to a definitive Alliance Agreement, which is expected to come at the end of this month. If all goes as planned, the deal will close by the end of this year.

Aikawa had spent his entire career at the company, first joining Mitsubishi in 1978. He was noted for his role as a longtime engineer, developing Japanese minicars like the Mitsubishi eK wagon and the Mitsubishi EV. Both of those models, ironically, ended up playing a big part in the automaker’s fuel economy scandal. According to Automotive News, Aikawa has decided to leave for two reasons. Not only was he a longtime engineer and director of the R&D division that manipulated fuel economy results, but he also wants to allow the company to start fresh as it enters its new relationship with Nissan.

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“For causing trouble and worry first and foremost to our customers and to all involved, I take responsibility,” he said, reports AN.

SOURCE: Mototrend

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