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For the first time, Toyota will make an appearance at Milan Design Week in April, displaying the Setsuna concept, an open-wheel car made almost entirely out of sculpted wood. The name, meaning moment, reflects the fleeting moments people have with their cars.

While wood may not be an obvious choice, Toyota made this decision as the material changes over time. Over the years, cars undergo a gradual transformation, and to mirror this, the automaker chose to use several types of wood for different parts of the concept car.

Toyota says its Setsuna concept can last for a handful of generations when taken care of properly, and with each passing year, it will change color and texture depending on the environment, which gives the concept more character than a traditional car.

“We evaluated various ways to express the concept and selected different lumber materials for specific applications, such as Japanese cedar for the exterior panels and Japanese birch for the frame. We also paid particular attention to the sizes and arrangements of individual parts,” said Kenji Tsuji, Toyota engineer overseeing the Setsuna project, in a release.

The Setsuna concept will be powered by an electric motor, have seating for two, and stands at just over 3 feet tall. Toyota will display the open-wheel wood concept during Milan Design Week on April 12-17.

Source: Toyota

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