THE economic recession notwithstanding, TSL Limitless has opened a world-class multi-brand automotive workshop in Lagos to cater for the needs of Nigerian motoring public yearning for quality service for their cherished automobilies. The workshop has the capacity to service over 1000 cars daily using modern tools. The new workshop, inaugurated, yesterday, is unarguably the largest and most equipped one-stop auto service centre in the country boasting over 36 bays and dedicated sections for mechanical, electrical, body-works and finishings. Located along the Oshodi-Apapa expressway, near the popular Five Star bus stop, the service centre is fully air conditioned on a total space of 60,000 square feet, which is unprecedented in the history of service centres in Nigeria.

Managing Director of TSL Limitless, Mr. Raju Sawlani, said that he is in the business to revolutionalise the practice and standards in the Nigerian auto service sector with innovations like never seen before. He stated that they would replicate the workshop in Abuja and Port-Harcourt early next year, adding, “We are here to take care of our customers’ needs and ensure their full satisfaction. We are installing camera so that customers can monitor what we are doing with their cars in our workshops from the comfort of their homes and offices via U-tube.” According to him, the hi-tech auto company can service and repair all passenger and commercial automotive brands range from Toyota to Ferrari and even Rolls-Royce. Competent professionals Mr. Raju explained that at a time like this, when people are finding it difficult to acquire new cars, it has become necessary for them to maintain what they have by competent professionals like TSL Limitless. To this end he announced a 30 percent discount on all services and repairs from the opening, October 19 to 31, 2017

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The company is also offering a special package and pricing for companies that register their fleets within the same period. TSL, he further disclosed would engage in sales of new and used vehicles as well as provide Gold Certification and Peace of Mind Warranty on used vehicles as well as all day and night road assistance. The workshop he explained will assuage the concerns of private vehicle owners and fleet operators who have over the years searched for garages that would render excellent services at competitive price. This is what Mr. Raju and his staff which he prefers to address as his team have set out to address.

Mr. Raju Sawlani, a veteran in the Nigerian Auto Industry, was the former Managing Director of Stallion Motors and the former Executive Director of Coscharis. He gained exposure to over 30 automotive brands. Mr. Raju has over 21 years of experience in the Nigerian Auto Industry. He has set up numerous automotive showrooms (including the Porsche showroom), several workshops and a few assembly plants. He was the first to implement breackthrough service campaigns in Nigeria like the 4yr/100.000km, free service campaign. In 2015, he was awarded the OnWheels Leadership Award for his outstanding vision dedication and commitment to the Nigerian Auto Industry. “Having sold over 200,000 vehicles (valued USD$7.2 billion) in Nigeria over a 21-year period, my customers have voiced their concern to me about after-sales issues. For this reason, I decided to launch TSL 1 handpicked the best technical personnel in the Nigerian Auto Industry – these are highly experienced individuals who I have observed for over a 21-year period,” he said

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In addition, our machinery and equipment are from the top manufacturers in the world.We will prove to the world that supercars do not need to be flown out of Nigeria for service and repairs. Nigerians are highly talented and capable people,”we said. Mr Raju understands problems the Nigeria auto industry like no other. He noted “The main parameters that define repair quality are quality of workmanship genuineness of spare parts, lubricants and fluids used and the overall customer experience, which includes a reasonable price and the least amount of downtime.” TSL use only genuine lubricants, fluids and parts. As he puts it “The downtime and stress caused by fake and substandard motor oil and motor parts drain billions of naira from the economy. Customers have lost confidence in most high and low-end workshops.

Another issue is the used vehicles being purchased from sellers of no repute. We are already taking appointments for next week to assist customers who were duped into purchasing flood-damaged vehicles from the United States,”Mr. Raju said. TSL, is here to bring back customer confidence in the auto market – from sales to after-sales, whether used or new vehicles. In addition, the company will provide a safe haven for used car sales. “If you wish to purchase a used vehicle in Lagos, but don’t know whether to buy it because of the high mileage, I suggest you book an appointment with us and liaise with the seller to bring the vehicle to our workshop. We will do a complete check on the vehicle in front of the seller and the buyer, thereby creating a transparent automotive marketplace. We can provide the buyer with a Peace-of-Mind Warranty,”Mr Raju added. TSL’s highly -experienced technical manpower will be the highest paid in the Nigerian Auto Industry with perks that will set a benchmark in the sector.

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With the amount of sales and after-sales transactions set to take place at TSL, the company has promised to share market data with motoring journalists and the Nigerian government to help improve automotive regulations. TSL will also assist the government in creating a level-playing field in the auto industry, which will take the Nigerian auto market to a global level.