OK. It’s good that you remembered to check your oil and other stuff ‘under the hood’, but make sure your bonnet is properly closed when you’ve finished.

The danger

If you notice that your bonnet looks loose as you drive along, stop and check it. Don’t wait until you get home – you might not!

The worst danger if your bonnet flies up as you are driving along is that you will do something silly because of the shock. It will take a moment to realise what has happened, there is a loud bang, the windscreen may break, and then you can’t see anything! A natural reaction is to brake hard and fast.

Think quickly and overcome this natural urge. Braking hard will frighten the driver behind, thus doubling the problem! If you have been keeping a safe distance there will be no danger from the vehicle in front. If the road bends you should be able to see where it goes by looking out of the side windows. The biggest danger is instability, due to wind resistance, and from traffic following closely behind.


Check your mirrors (all of your mirrors).

Hold the steering wheel firmly to counter wind resistance.

Brake firmly if it is safe to do so.

If you are on a motorway move over to the hard shoulder before braking. Try to look out of the driver’s window. Ask your front passenger (in a gentle scream) to look out on their side.

Remember, the worst danger in this situation comes from you. Stay calm – stay safe!

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Source: smartdriving

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