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Hybrid Vehicles Pre-Purchase Inspection/Maintenance

We love GREEN cars and we are now providing Nigerians a convenient means of buying Hybrid/Electric Vehicles and also maintaining them easily. To know about Hybrid Cars, read more from our Hybrid Section.

We will be providing pre-purchase advice/inspection for those looking to buy Hybrid Vehicles. This inspection shall include (but not limited to):

Hybrid battery Test: Check of the Hybrid Batteries to know their conditions (Hybrid batteries can be quite expensive to replace, we offer replacement parts also)

Driving Test: driving an Hybrid vehicles reveals a lot about the Vehicle. We would drive the vehicle well enough to make all observations necessary.

OBD Diagnostics test: Check car for any codes that may have been triggered due to an inherent problem…

Check of Air Conditioning System, Hybrid Inverter, Fluids (Engine Oil, Trans-axle Oil etc..), Lighting System, Cooling System etc…

Here are some Hybrid vehicles that we currently maintain/inspect:


Toyota Prius










Toyota Highlander hybrid










Lexus RX 400h/Lexus RX 450h


















Others: Toyota Camry hybrid, Honda Insight etc… Contact us on 09032614208 for details, Whatsapp: 09032614208

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