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Great Car Deals: Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

PAGE WILL BE UPDATED WEEKLY/MONTHLY!!! Mymoto Nigeria (Vehicle Purchase from USA and Europe – HYBRID/ELECTRIC VEHICLES ONLY). 09032614208, 08060675824. Mymoto Nigeria will now be offering purchasing services for anyone interested in getting HYBRID OR ELECTRIC VEHICLES! We research EVERY VEHICLE before recommending them to clients! We also support/maintain these vehicles. In conjunction with our partners […]

Uber Limits U.K. Driver Hours in Response to Safety Concerns

A 6-hour break required after working 10 consecutive hours Union says higher wages would bring hours down, help drivers Uber Technologies Inc. will begin limiting the time U.K. drivers can spend on the road to 10 hours a day, responding to regulatory health concerns about tiredness and exhaustion.  Uber said that starting next week it will […]

Tesla Model S Electric Car Spotted In Nigeria (Photo)

A Tesla Model S was recently spotted sometime in December 2017 in Nigeria. Here is a picture of the back view: Read more about the myth on owning Electric Vehicles and why you should consider owning one. Source: CarsfromNaija Instagram Page

Century: Here’s Toyota’s Challenge to Rolls-Royce and Bentley

Toyota has just introduced a new Century. This is a big deal. The Toyota Century is the most exclusive car in Japan. Introduced in 1967 and named for the 100th birthday of company founder Sakichi Toyoda, the Century defines top-tier Japanese luxury, the kind reserved for heads of state, chief executive officers — and yakuza […]

2018 Nissan Leaf electric-car prototype driven: first impressions

When visiting an automaker’s proving ground to drive cars still under development, security is extensive. Cameras have to be left on the bus, all phone lenses have to be covered, and documents committing you to keep quiet until the embargo lifts must be signed. In late June, we drove a pre-production 2018 Nissan Leaf at […]

VW planning fleet of Electric Buses and Trucks

Today, Volkswagen Truck & Bus outlined plans to build a fleet of electric buses, trucks, and delivery vehicles to help boost efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector. Meanwhile, the division is also working on a host of specialty autonomous vehicles. Volkswagen Truck & Bus is investing 1.4 billion euros, or roughly $1.7 […]

Ford plans fewer cars, more Trucks and SUVs

Given Ford’s recent sales numbers, it comes as no surprise that the automaker has vowed to reallocate much of its spending from cars to trucks and SUVs. Ford will also shift investment in vehicles with internal combustion engines toward EVs, the company announced in an investor presentation this week. Ford will reallocate $7 billion from […]

A weird new EV platform “turn human into self-driving cars”

I’m aware that the headline is pretty much an oxymoron and it looks like the stupidest thing from the picture above, but please bear with me for a second because this project is actually interesting. The moovel Group, a research group owned by Daimler, created an electric vehicle platform with autonomous driving sensors but instead of a control […]

Chevy Bolt EV reviewed by BMW i3 driver: electric cars compared

Owners of specific electric cars sometimes tend to become boosters and fans for their particular EV as well as plugging in to drive in general. So it was with Tom Moloughney, whose purchase of the very first 2014 BMW i3 REx range-extended electric car in the U.S. he wrote about for us three years ago. […]

Toyota Plotting Next Generation of Sports Cars

Although the Supra sports car co-developed with BMW is no secret, Toyota this week revealed two next-generation sports cars that are likely to enter the lineup. Although there were doubts whether Toyota and Subaru would continue their joint venture to make a second-generation 86 and BRZ, the two automakers “are already in discussion” to continue […]

TSL raises the bar in Auto Service, sales

THE economic recession notwithstanding, TSL Limitless has opened a world-class multi-brand automotive workshop in Lagos to cater for the needs of Nigerian motoring public yearning for quality service for their cherished automobilies. The workshop has the capacity to service over 1000 cars daily using modern tools. The new workshop, inaugurated, yesterday, is unarguably the largest […]

Toyota JPN Taxi is Japan’s New Hybrid Cab

If you’ve been to Japan in the last 20 years, or have even seen depictions of it in movies or other media, you’ve probably seen the Toyota Crown Comfort, the country’s unassuming yet iconic taxi of choice. Much like the U.S.’s own Ford Crown Victoria, which served from 1998-2011 with few changes, the Crown Comfort […]

EU announces launch of battery alliance to boost cells for electric cars

As it stands today, Asia dominates the production of electric-car battery cells globally, with Japanese and Korean companies representing the bulk of the industry outside of booming Chinese makers. Europe, however, lacks a single major player in the fabrication and assembly of lithium-ion battery cells for cars that plug in. Now European leaders aim to […]

Mercedes Will Build Electric SUVs at its Alabama Assembly Plant

Mercedes-Benz has been building sport-utility vehicles—the M-class and now the GLE-class—at its plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for 20 years. And now the company has announced a major investment in the facility aimed at preparing it for the surge of electric vehicles expected over the next 20 years. In 2020, the plant will start building electric SUVs that […]

Oleg Son leads KIA Design in China

KIA Motors has appointed prominent car designer, Oleg Son, 56, as Head of Kia Design China – leading the brand’s design activities in China and strengthening its design capability in the rapidly expanding Chinese market. Son will be based in Shanghai as Executive Director and Head of Kia Design China. He reports directly to president […]

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