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Century: Here’s Toyota’s Challenge to Rolls-Royce and Bentley

Toyota has just introduced a new Century. This is a big deal. The Toyota Century is the most exclusive car in Japan. Introduced in 1967 and named for the 100th birthday of company founder Sakichi Toyoda, the Century defines top-tier Japanese luxury, the kind reserved for heads of state, chief executive officers — and yakuza […]

2018 Nissan Leaf electric-car prototype driven: first impressions

When visiting an automaker’s proving ground to drive cars still under development, security is extensive. Cameras have to be left on the bus, all phone lenses have to be covered, and documents committing you to keep quiet until the embargo lifts must be signed. In late June, we drove a pre-production 2018 Nissan Leaf at […]

VW planning fleet of Electric Buses and Trucks

Today, Volkswagen Truck & Bus outlined plans to build a fleet of electric buses, trucks, and delivery vehicles to help boost efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector. Meanwhile, the division is also working on a host of specialty autonomous vehicles. Volkswagen Truck & Bus is investing 1.4 billion euros, or roughly $1.7 […]

Ford plans fewer cars, more Trucks and SUVs

Given Ford’s recent sales numbers, it comes as no surprise that the automaker has vowed to reallocate much of its spending from cars to trucks and SUVs. Ford will also shift investment in vehicles with internal combustion engines toward EVs, the company announced in an investor presentation this week. Ford will reallocate $7 billion from […]

A weird new EV platform “turn human into self-driving cars”

I’m aware that the headline is pretty much an oxymoron and it looks like the stupidest thing from the picture above, but please bear with me for a second because this project is actually interesting. The moovel Group, a research group owned by Daimler, created an electric vehicle platform with autonomous driving sensors but instead of a control […]

Chevy Bolt EV reviewed by BMW i3 driver: electric cars compared

Owners of specific electric cars sometimes tend to become boosters and fans for their particular EV as well as plugging in to drive in general. So it was with Tom Moloughney, whose purchase of the very first 2014 BMW i3 REx range-extended electric car in the U.S. he wrote about for us three years ago. […]

Toyota Plotting Next Generation of Sports Cars

Although the Supra sports car co-developed with BMW is no secret, Toyota this week revealed two next-generation sports cars that are likely to enter the lineup. Although there were doubts whether Toyota and Subaru would continue their joint venture to make a second-generation 86 and BRZ, the two automakers “are already in discussion” to continue […]

Honda Insight – An Overview

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle that was manufactured and marketed by Honda in its first generation as a three-door, two passenger hatchback (1999–2006) and in its second generation as a five-door, five passenger hatchback (2009–2014). The Insight was the first production vehicle to feature Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system. The first generation […]

Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the United States

The fleet of hybrid electric vehicles in the United States, with over 4 million units sold through April 2016, is the second largest in the world after Japan (over 5 million). American sales of hybrid electric vehicles represent about 36% of the more than 11 million hybrid sold worldwide through April 2016. Since their inception […]

Hybrid Vehicle : Its Types and Variation

Recall that I discussed Hybrid Vehicle, as an en-vogue generation of automobile where more description of its components were learnt. In this post, I shall be expatiating on the aforementioned types ( Full Hybrid, Mild Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid) and its Variations- sub types ( Micro and Muscle Hybrids). TYPES OF HYBRID VEHICLE FULL HYBRID The […]

Why is the Toyota Prius popular?

1) It’s a good sized car. When you add passenger space and cargo space, it’s about the size of a Hyundai Tucson (small SUV) or Dodge Caliber wagon). 2) It’s competitively priced. About the same as a similarly equipped Camry. The base Prius is very well equipped. 3) Tremendous gas mileage. Real world gas mileage […]

Honda Civic Hybrid – A Generation of Hybrid Automobiles

The Honda Civic Hybrid was a variation of the Honda Civic with a hybrid electric power-train. Honda introduced the Civic Hybrid in Japan in December 2001. In the United States, it was the first hybrid automobile to be certified as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The Civic […]

Hyundai unveils 2018 Accent with new features

Hyundai has unveiled the U.S.-spec 2018 Accent at the 2017 Orange County auto show. The car comes packed with many new convenience features.Among the features are conservative interior design with touchscreen as the centerpiece of the dash and a mix of buttons and knobs for the audio and climate controls. Some of the key tech […]

FORD ESCAPE HYBRID – A Generation of Hybrid Automobiles

The Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid are the gasoline-electric hybrid powered versions that launched in the U.S. in 2004 for the 2005 model year. Built in Kansas City, Missouri, it was the first hybrid SUV to hit the market. The Ford Escape Hybrid was the first American-built hybrid and the first hybrid vehicle […]

Comparison of Toyota Hybrids

By the end of 2006 there were about 15 hybrid vehicles from various car makers available in the U.S. By May 2007 Toyota sold its first million hybrids and had sold a total of two million hybrids at the end of August 2009. Below is a comparison of the Toyota hybrid models.   Features Prius […]

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