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Car Tracking Story: How I recovered my stolen vehicle

We have heard of one or two expereience of how clients were able to recover their vehicles BECAUSE THEY HAD A TRACKER INSTALLED IN IT. We will be sharing some of them with you based on TRUE LIFE EXPERIENCES. WE STILL INSTALL THE MOST AFFORDABLE TRACKERS AROUND STARTING FROM 25K (VARIES WITH CAR MODEL). WE […]

Chevrolet Volt: Introduction

Chevrolet Volt is an American plug-in hybrid car. The car was first produced in 2011 and is manufactured by Chevrolet division of General Motors. This vehicle travels 25 to 50 miles (38 miles average) on electric power alone. After the battery is depleted, it switches to the extended range mode (petrol). It can carry up to four people (including the driver). The […]

Why you should install Mymoto Security Vehicle Tracker

Insurance is good and necessary, but ONLY A TRACKER CAN GUARANTEE SECURING YOUR VEHICLE IN THE EVENT OF THEFT. Our security trackers are useful for both private or commercial purposes (Uber, Taxify etc). Here are some reasons why your car needs a tracker. WHY DOES YOUR CAR NEED A TRACKER (1) Security: While anti-theft systems […]

Maintaining your Wiper Blades

The best way to maintain wiper blades is to regularly check them for any wear or build-up of dirt or grime. The blades should ideally be cleaned once a month, or at least at the start of every season change (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). To clean them, the wiper arm should be lifted up […]

Seat Belt-An effective device in reducing injury

A seat belt (also known as a seatbelt or safety belt) is a vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. A seat belt functions to reduce the likelihood of death or serious injury in a traffic collision by […]

Should You Fill Your Car’s Tires With Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is used to fill tires for racecars and airplanes, but isn’t really practical in ordinary vehicles. A member of the Dodge Challenger owners’ forum was buying a new car from a dealer and noticed green valve-stem caps on all four tires. The salesman told him that the tires had been filled with nitrogen, which […]

What kind of battery does the Toyota prius have?

The Toyota Prius has two batteries. The type of the largest one, which is the heart of the Hybrid power system, depends on the engine model and generation. The 2G/3G/4G Toyotal Prius (I have a 2G Prius which is the XW20 engine used in the 2005–09 models), uses a NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride Battery). The […]

Why is the Toyota Prius popular?

1) It’s a good sized car. When you add passenger space and cargo space, it’s about the size of a Hyundai Tucson (small SUV) or Dodge Caliber wagon). 2) It’s competitively priced. About the same as a similarly equipped Camry. The base Prius is very well equipped. 3) Tremendous gas mileage. Real world gas mileage […]

GPS Tracker-A Recovery Tool

  A GPS tracking unit is a device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location, and hence that of its carrier, at intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central […]

Honda Civic Hybrid – A Generation of Hybrid Automobiles

The Honda Civic Hybrid was a variation of the Honda Civic with a hybrid electric power-train. Honda introduced the Civic Hybrid in Japan in December 2001. In the United States, it was the first hybrid automobile to be certified as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The Civic […]

How to Bleed Your Brakes the Right Way

  Your elderly car has required little in the way of episodic repair, for which you’re glad. But at your last scheduled maintenance, the service manager advised you that you would need to replace the brake pads, front and rear, before too long. But deferring that expense for a while wouldn’t be a problem, he […]

When should I change the battery of my Toyota Prius?

The only way to know if your battery cell modules are losing its capacity without the use of the Toyota TechStream software is, by looking at the Energy screen on the MFD for SOC(state of charge). It will give you clues as it happens in stages. 1.) If the battery consistently charges to 7 green […]

TOYOTA PRIUS – An Hybrid Generation of Automobiles

The Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric automobile developed by Toyota and manufactured by the company since 1997. Initially offered as a 4-door sedan, it has been produced only as a 5-door hatchback since 2003. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) rate the Prius as among the cleanest vehicles […]

What you need to know about Hybrid Vehicle Emissions

Hybrid vehicle emissions today are getting close to or even lower than the recommended level set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The recommended levels they suggest for a typical passenger vehicle should be equated to 5.5 metric tons of CO2. The three most popular hybrid vehicles, Honda Civic, Honda Insight and Toyota Prius, set […]

What to Do When Your Hybrid Car’s Battery Dies

Finding yourself on the side of the road with a car that’s out of gas or out of juice has always been frustrating. But with conventional vehicles, the fix has traditionally been simple: If the battery dies, get a jump (and recharge it later), and if you run out of gas, get more by any […]

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