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How can I identify between petrol cars and diesel cars?

Definitely easiest and fastest way to find out if you don’t see badge behind car, is to simply look at dashboard tachometer. RPM range you see will tell you difference. Car can be turned off. Notice redline at almost 6000 RPM. So far every petrol tachometer I have seen, not even one of them have redline below 5000 […]

2-Cycle vs 4-Cycle Engines: Understanding the Difference

You may have heard the terms 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines before, but do you really know all of the differences in their operation? Throughout the history of automotive design, there has existed two main types of gasoline powered combustion engines, the 2 cycle (2-stroke) and 4-cycle (4-stroke) engine. As you may have guessed, […]

Why do they use diesel in large vehicles rather than petrol?

      Diesel engines are commonly used in large vehicles for several reasons.     Larger vehicles are always heavier than small vehicles and they are commonly used to transport cargo or load.     Torque is the name of the game. High torque is needed to move heavy loads. If comparing a petrol […]

Risks of Delayed Servicing

          It is a common temptation to extend the time between services on the car in an attempt to save money. This is a false economy that can turn into a real horror story. Why is regular car servicing important? Your car starts to lose efficiency when things like spark or […]

Understanding V6 Engine and its Application

  A V6 engine is a V engine with six cylinders mounted on the  crankshaft in two banks of three cylinders, usually set at either a 60 or 90 degree angle to each other. The V6 is one of the most compact engine configurations, usually ranging from 2.0 L to 4.3 L  displacement (however, much […]

How it Works: The Computer Inside Your Car

  We asked a lot of questions about the bits and pieces of cars that squeak and rattle and break—everything from why is my wheel going clickety-clack to how do I get rid of this rodent smell. But for some time now we’ve seen our inboxes stuffed with questions on the failings of electronic components. […]

Why does a V8 engine sound better than a V10 or V12?

  Bigger cylinders. The other engine may have more cylinders (i.e V10 with 10 cylinders in two banks of five; V12 with 12 cylinders in two banks of six) but the cylinder bore is smaller than the V8 engine which has a larger cylinder bore so actually the displacement in the V8 engine is more. […]

The Meanings Behind 15 Symbols On Your Car’s Dashboard

  When something goes wrong with your car or if a feature you should know about gets activated, a signal funnels through the electrical system and into the dashboard. This illuminates a hieroglyphic, and these cover a wide range of issues—some of which may be serious. Here are the meanings behind 15 of these curious-looking […]

Understanding V8 Engine and its Application

  A V8 engine is an eight-cylinder V configuration engine with the cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two sets (or banks) of four, with all eight pistons  driving a common crankshaft.  Most banks are set at a right angle (90°) to each other, some at a narrower angle, with 45°, 60°, and 72° most common. […]

Relevance of Car Scanner to Easy and Early Diagnosis

  An automotive(car/vehicle) scanner is an electronic gadget/tool/device used to interface with, diagnose and, sometimes, reprogram vehicle control modules. There are many types from just as many manufacturers, one of the most familiar being the Snap-On “brick”, or MT2500/MTG2500. Snap-On, OTC/SPX, Autel, Launch, Vetronix/Bosch and a number of other companies produce various types of scan tools, […]

Things Every Driver Should Know How to Do

The owner’s manual of any car will tell you—in the most excruciatingly simplistic step-by-step manner possible—how to operate everything from the seat-belts to the trunk lock and how to finely tune the rear headrests with ferocious, compulsive precision. And on virtually every page there will be a yellow box screaming at you not to do […]

Everything You Need to Know about Engine Performance

Engine performance is usually a big factor when considering the purchase of a new or used car. Many people don’t know anything about how an engine works; they just know that it makes the car go. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be performance conscious about any vehicle you buy; from a sleek Corvette to […]

Can Your Car Be Hacked?

A downside of our Internet-connected lifestyle is that the bits of data and personal information we access online (from finances to Facebook posts) potentially can be viewed by others, without our consent and without us knowing until it’s too late. The hacking of connected devices such as computers and smartphones has become common, and no […]

What You Should Know Before Buying Crossovers

Midsize and large crossovers are the fastest growing segment in the industry, providing reasonable efficiency while their larger bodies – relative to traditional sedans and wagons – supply spacious interiors with room for both people and their things. As a category, crossovers span all size and price points. Relatively new subcompacts (Jeep Renegade, Honda HR-V […]

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