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Maintaining your Wiper Blades

The best way to maintain wiper blades is to regularly check them for any wear or build-up of dirt or grime. The blades should ideally be cleaned once a month, or at least at the start of every season change (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). To clean them, the wiper arm should be lifted up […]

Should You Fill Your Car’s Tires With Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is used to fill tires for racecars and airplanes, but isn’t really practical in ordinary vehicles. A member of the Dodge Challenger owners’ forum was buying a new car from a dealer and noticed green valve-stem caps on all four tires. The salesman told him that the tires had been filled with nitrogen, which […]

12 Things You Need To Know About Driving An Uber In Nigeria

Last Friday, we had a Radar AMA session with Gbenro Ogundipe, an Uber driver/partner who’s based in Abuja. Everyone who was interested in knowing what driving an Uber in Nigeria is like asked all their questions and got some witty answers in return. We had fun, they had fun, Gbenro had fun. For the full gist, you […]

Uber Taxi: Comprehensive Motor Insurances Prices in Nigeria

 We offer Uber/Taxify car management services, visit here to find out more about this…   Four years ago, a family friend got involved in a car crash. She had been trying to avoid a pedestrian and in panic, drove her Honda into a block fence. In total, she spent almost ₦200,000 fixing the car and […]

How to register for Uber taxis Lagos, and make ₦150,000 a month

We offer Uber/Taxify car management services, visit here to find out more about this…       I was talking to a friend who had recently fallen on hard times, and had come to me for advice. Earlier this year, his wife passed away in childbirth leaving behind 3 young children. He has been struggling […]

How to Bleed Your Brakes the Right Way

  Your elderly car has required little in the way of episodic repair, for which you’re glad. But at your last scheduled maintenance, the service manager advised you that you would need to replace the brake pads, front and rear, before too long. But deferring that expense for a while wouldn’t be a problem, he […]

When should I change the battery of my Toyota Prius?

The only way to know if your battery cell modules are losing its capacity without the use of the Toyota TechStream software is, by looking at the Energy screen on the MFD for SOC(state of charge). It will give you clues as it happens in stages. 1.) If the battery consistently charges to 7 green […]

What to Do When Your Hybrid Car’s Battery Dies

Finding yourself on the side of the road with a car that’s out of gas or out of juice has always been frustrating. But with conventional vehicles, the fix has traditionally been simple: If the battery dies, get a jump (and recharge it later), and if you run out of gas, get more by any […]

Engine Oil Filter- Understanding Its Maintenance

  An Engine Oil Filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil,transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery. A chief use of the oil filter is in internal-combustion engines in on- and off-road motor vehicles, light aircraft, and various naval vessels. Other […]

Abnormal Engine Noise-Overheating Piston slap

Overheating Piston slap  might be an occurrence with a badly worn car engine, where the wear on the cylinders and piston skirts results in excessive clearance or play. The evidence of this would be noticeable at low or idling rpm. As the pistons travel up and down, the reaction force of the connecting rods will […]

Understanding the smoke that emit from your motor exhaust system

Exhaust smoke system is the piping that directs the burned fuel out of the engine and to the back of the vehicle. Each cylinder has an exhaust port, the manifold goes over these ports. The gases travel into the manifold and head towards the back of the car. Close to the manifold, you will have […]

Clutch Faults – Causes and Remedies

Clutch Fault is a faulty condition in which there is not enough friction in the clutch, so that engine speed rises without a corresponding increase in road speed. There are four (4) main clutch faults, which are: Slip, Judder, Drag or spin, and Fierceness/Snatch Slip – Symptoms; When a gear ratio has been selected, the clutch […]

Misfiring in an engine-Causes and Diagnosis

  Misfire is a common drivability problem that may or may not be easy to diagnose, depending on the cause. A misfiring cylinder in a four-cylinder engine is, pardon the pun, hard to miss. The loss of 25% of the engine’s power output is the equivalent of a horse trying to run on three legs. […]

Abnormal Engine Noise-Knocking

  Knocking (also knock, detonation, spark knock, pinging or pinking) in spark-ignition internal combustion enginesoccurs when combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder does not start off correctly in response to ignition by thespark plug, but one or more pockets of air/fuel mixture explode outside the envelope of the normal combustion front. The fuel-air […]

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