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Eliminating Brake Noise

  Check for loose parts.Try wiggling the brake pad, calipers, and other brake components. They should not move with just your hands. Loose parts can vibrate, resulting in noise.

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Check your electrical connections: Make sure battery terminals and cable connections are clean and tight to enable proper current flow. Corrosion at the battery terminals can

Tips For Avoiding An Overheating Engine

  During the hot season, your car is doing a lot of work under the sun. If you don’t treat your car properly and know how to handle an overheating engine your car can quickly turn from a prized possession

Basic Causes Of Car Engine Failure

  The engine is the heart of your vehicle. When it stops working, so does your car. Just as the human heart needs its owner to eat healthy food and exercise for it to operate properly,

Car A/C Maintenance Tips

Clean the front of the condenser:  The debris that builds up between the fins can really raise the head pressures, and that not only affects performance but can cause slipping of a clutch if voltage is marginal. If a vehicle is an underbody breather

Tips For Washing Your Car’s Body

Cleaning your car efficiently saves you time and effort and ensures that the vehicle body comes out looking great. If you clean carelessly, the task takes much longer, and you run the risk of scratching the finish, streaking the surface and leaving the body vulnerable to rust. To wash your car efficiently,

Car Engine Maintenance Tips

  CHECK YOUR BELTS At the front of your engine there will be a series of rubber drive belts that loop around various pulleys, driving everything from the alternator to the a/c compressor. Rubber perishes, more so in extreme conditions like those found in an operating engine bay. Get your timing belt and accessory drive […]

Basic Car Maintenance Tips

It is really not difficult to keep your car in a good shape. Below are some basic maintenance tips for your car:

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