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Driving with an Instant Flat Tyre – An Hazard to Check

  A flat tire (British English: flat tyre) is a deflated pneumatic tire, which can cause the rim of the wheel to ride on the tire tread or the ground potentially resulting in loss of control of the vehicle or irreparable damage to the tire. The most common cause of a flat tire is puncturing […]

What determine the life span of my car?

  Car longevity is of interest to many car owners and concerns several things: maximum service life in either miles or time (duration), relationship of components to this lifespan, identification of factors that might afford control in extending the lifespan. Barring an accidental end to the lifespan, a car would have a life constrained by the […]

Five Fast Fixes and Tips For A Summer Ready Car

With summer-just around the corner, it’s time to get-your car-in tip-top shape to withstand hot days and long road trips. Summer driving requires your car to run differently; some adjustments and inspections are important to ensure your vehicle lasts season to season. Follow these five fast fixes and inspections to cruise through the summer and […]

Can your engine get damaged if there is too much oil in it?

  A very small amount will not hurt, but the more over-full it is, the worse it is. As the level gets higher then normal, the piston rod caps or counterbalances will start hitting it (at least on acceleration and stopping) and beat it into foam. Foam will cavitate in the bearings, and actually will […]

True cost of not maintaining your car

  People on tight budgets are often tempted to skip some routine car maintenance services, or at least to delay an appointment with the auto shop. However, poorly maintained vehicles cause thousands of wrecks each year. The bill for accidents resulting from unperformed vehicle maintenance tops $2 billion a year, according to a 2004 study […]

2-Cycle vs 4-Cycle Engines: Understanding the Difference

You may have heard the terms 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines before, but do you really know all of the differences in their operation? Throughout the history of automotive design, there has existed two main types of gasoline powered combustion engines, the 2 cycle (2-stroke) and 4-cycle (4-stroke) engine. As you may have guessed, […]

How To Take Care Of Your Car Like A Grown Adult

1. Clean the inside and outside of your car every month. Seriously. Why It’s Important: Keeping your car clean is like keeping your room clean, except everyone can see your car and gauge how dirty (or clean) you are. Grab ArmorAll’s cheap but awesome vacuum, to clean the inside of your car, a bottle of […]

Risks of Delayed Servicing

          It is a common temptation to extend the time between services on the car in an attempt to save money. This is a false economy that can turn into a real horror story. Why is regular car servicing important? Your car starts to lose efficiency when things like spark or […]

Relevance of Car Scanner to Easy and Early Diagnosis

  An automotive(car/vehicle) scanner is an electronic gadget/tool/device used to interface with, diagnose and, sometimes, reprogram vehicle control modules. There are many types from just as many manufacturers, one of the most familiar being the Snap-On “brick”, or MT2500/MTG2500. Snap-On, OTC/SPX, Autel, Launch, Vetronix/Bosch and a number of other companies produce various types of scan tools, […]

Learn How to Maintain Your Car Belts

There are hundreds of parts that all work together to keep your car on the road, but very few drivers know much about them. Sure, we all take drivers ed, but many of us never really delve into the actual parts that make the car work. In fact, most drivers never look under their own hoods, […]

Do You Know the Safe Distance Between Cars While Driving?

  Many people are aware that maintaining distance from the car in front of you is important as it can prevent accidents. However, majority of the people aren’t aware of how much speed is needed or proper highway etiquette regarding distance. This can eventually lead to road rage, highway accidents, or at worst, highway fatalities. Safe […]

When Struts And Shock Absorbers Should Be Replaced

Shock absorbers and struts are parts of the vehicle suspension that absorb shocks from the bumps and potholes and keep your vehicle riding smooth and stable. What is the difference between a shock absorbers and a strut? A strut is the shock absorber built into one unit with the coil spring (in the photo). Any car has […]

Honda Accord Transmission Problems & Overview

In production since 1976, the Honda Accord has been one of the best selling cars in the US since 1979 and was the best selling Japanese car for 15 years between 1982 and 1997. It was the first Japanese car to be manufactured in the United States when production started in Marysville, Ohio in 1982. […]

Checking Oil And Water Levels

Accurate warning lights and the improved reliability of the modern car mean that checking under the bonnet has become a less frequent pastime for drivers. However, most manufacturers agree that you should regularly check oil and water levels. The modern engine might also look a bit different from the cars we used to drive, but […]

Diagnose Engine Cooling Fan Relay Problem

Engine overheating or poor air conditioning performance can be caused by an engine or A/C condenser cooling fan that fails to come on. In many cases, the underlying fault is a bad cooling fan relay. The quickest way to tell whether or not the electric fan(s) are working is to start the engine, let it […]

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