If the test drive experience organised by Elizade Motors over the week in Lagos to show off the capability and drive knack of its JAC vehicles is anything to go by, the message of the organisation may be reinstating its earlier promises that the Chinese brand will deliver value and affordability in its segments.

With an improved suspension, durability and ability to withstand local road condition and environment, the organisation seems to have strategised to position the vehicles above public perception of Chinese brands.

Ranked as number one and number four commercial and passenger car manufacturer in China, Marketing Director of Elizade, Olu Tikolo said the vehicles boast reinforced suspension, fuel efficiency and agility, capable of delivering satisfactory appeal to Nigerians.

The test drive, which brought selected motoring journalists together to experience the vehicles, particularly the J5 model, presented trust beyond its look.

Driving around Lagos, the car survived road condition and much effort seems to be put on the shock absorbers.

The road handling seems to also buttress the claim made by Head, Elizade Autoland, Ademola Adewunmi, who stated that the vehicles were improved to meet local demands in Nigeria as much as Japanese brands.

 According to him, the organisation went the extra mile to position the brand as leading brand in the market after realising that excellence performance was the key to market the brand in the country.

The models come with a 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre engines, rear sensor; safety feature that help against crashes, tyre pressure detection function and Formica dash board finishing providing top-notch finishing.

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Among the passenger cars are the J5, J4, J3, while 1.5 tonnes, 2.5 tonnes, 3.5 tonnes and 4 tonnes trucks are stocks in the commercial segment, besides, the company says it expects delivery of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Adewunmi said that the successes recorded in the marketing the brand was linked to the rare breed of Elizade in the auto business as well as the features of the brand.

According to him, customers automatically enjoy three years warranty or 100,000 kilometres for all models of JAC, even as his company has well trained technicians and spare parts to deal with after-sales issues.

SOURCE: guardian news

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